In Kaupapa Māori

Access to Ultra-Fast Broadband has the potential to transform local schools and marae. Communication and connection help communities to thrive in a world where so much socialising and work are performed online. Tangata whenua are key stakeholders in the UFB Initiative.

Ngā Pū Waea, the Māori Broadband Working Group, was established in May 2011 to assist in ensuring that Māori communities can be connected to Ultra-Fast Broadband  and Rural Broadband in a timely and efficient manner, and are able to maximise opportunities arising from the deployment of broadband. Crown Fibre Holdings and its partners will work together and with the working group in order to facilitate Māori development opportunities associated with the UFB initiative. Ngā Pū Waea members are committed to advancing the interests of Māori communities in this regard.

Ngā Pū Waea has identified the following four work themes:

  •    connectivity – maximising the ability to connect to broadband.
  •    affordability – minimising cost and maximising value of connecting to broadband.
  •    opportunity – identifying training, skills, employment, collaboration and investment opportunities.
  •    uptake – promote the benefits to drive usage.

Specifically, Ngā Pū Waea is engaging with Crown Fibre Holdings, its partners and the providers they’ve contracted to deliver UFB in relation to:

  • options for maximising coverage and connectivity to marae, wānanga, kura, kōhanga, rūnanga, and other Māori organisations through affordable services (connectivity & affordability);
  • trade training programmes and employment opportunities for Māori economic development through the deployment of broadband (opportunity);
  • relationship brokerage with Māori at community, regional and national levels to support, among other things, economic development opportunities (including investment opportunities), land access and the use of existing infrastructure for the RBI (connectivity & opportunity);
  • opportunities to enhance Māori health, social and cultural wellbeing through the deployment of broadband (opportunity & uptake); and
  • emerging issues identified during engagement with Māori.

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